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From Busan to San Francisco (2012)

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Mido wants to fit in. In her first year at Busan University, she finds the other students glamorous. She’s ashamed of her own threadbare clothes. When a well-meaning friend helps sign Mido up for a credit card, she is no longer on the outside looking in – she knows what it’s like to be part of the in-crowd.

Then the bills come due. Mido must accept the severity of her trouble. Her parents’ house could be taken from them—they could lose everything. Wanting to work her way out of a disaster of her own making, she responds to an ad seeking hostesses for Korean bars in the United States.

This is how Mido finds herself trafficked into L.A.’s Koreatown and later to San Francisco. She’s indebted and trapped. She’s in the country illegally. Meanwhile, her debt grows by the day. She insists on saving her parents, but can she save herself?


  • Sabrina Bedford
  • Joshua Jesse Coronado
  • Julia Davids
  • Willys DeVoll
  • Alberto Hernandez
  • Akio Kozato
  • Antonia Madian
  • Shannon McClintock
  • Ann Tyler Moses
  • Thanh D. Nguyen
  • Serenity Nguyen
  • Eugenia O’Kelly
  • Tamarind King
  • Cole Pittman
  • Adrian Plata
  • Anthony So
  • Andy Stuhl
  • Scott C. Thao
  • Mei Yueh Tan
  • Lilith Wu
  • Lauren YoungSmith


Dan Archer, Scott Hutchins, Shimon Tanaka